Lady Musgrave Island Day Trip from Agnes Water 1770

Exciting news for visitors to Agnes Water, whilst enjoying great Agnes Water accommodation at Pavillions on 1770 you can now visit Lady Musgrave Island either for a half day or a full day tour from Agnes Water.

Lady Musgrave Island and Lagoon is the only Island and lagoon combined in the outer Great Barrier Reef where the big vessels enter the Lagoon. It’s a true coral cay on the Outer Southern Great Barrier Reef.  Travel in true comfort aboard the ‘MV Lady Musgrave’ or the ‘ MV Spirit of 1770′, MV ‘Discovereef’ and other vessels.

Lady Musgrave National Park is a tropical paradise abundant in Pisonia forests and bird life. The island is set on 3000 acres of living reef with a deepwater coral lagoon which is unique to the entire Great Barrier Reef region. One big big swimming pool.

Our vessels enter the calm waters of the lagoon. This provides a protected haven for all age groups to explore the wonders of a living reef eco-system and the colourful variety of marine life all in one great day!

Again group discounts apply via Pavillions on 1770. This is a full day tour, departing 7.30am from the Town of 1770 – usually $180 adults /  $85 children under 4-14.

Lady Musgrave and Agnes Water Accommodation

Combine this great day trip with fantastic waterfront Agnes Water Accommodation at Pavillions on 1770 for your next holiday.  Contact us now for Agnes Water accommodation specials.  Call us today to book your next break at Pavillions 1770 and your Lady Musgrave Island day tour.