Experience 1770 History

Brush up on your local history and learn something new by visiting the Miriam Vale Historical Society Museum, Cooks Landing Place at Round Hill is one of many heritage listed sites in Seventeen Seventy.

The 1770 Cultural & Historical Festival

The town of 1770 hosts an annual historical and cultural festival for all ages towards the end of May to commemorate Captain Cook's first landing in Queensland (and second in Australia) at Bustard Bay on May 24th 1770. Aside from Captain Cook's arrival, this fun and frivolous festival also celebrates local history and indigenous culture. The main festivities take place on the weekend, around the 24th and 25th of May. Other celebrations, activities, events and re-enactments are held during the week, in the lead-up to the main weekend event. For more information please visit the Official 1770 Festival website.