Bushwalk along the creek

Visitors to Seventeen Seventy can enjoy a bushwalking experience, with a 1.2km walking track in Joseph Banks Conservation Park. This track is also known as the Butterfly Walk. It will take approximately 15-25 minutes and requires a moderate level of fitness.

Starting at the Captain Cook Monument point, walkers can take in the natural beauty of the regional park by following the track along the shoreline of Round Hill Creek for 1.2 kilometres.

Enjoy spectacular north-facing views across Eurimbula National Park and Bustard Bay to Bustard Head and Rodds Peninsula from the walking track.

Through the autumn and winter months, you will notice the migrating blue tiger butterflies. Most years the butterflies migrate to 1770 by the thousands. The blue tiger butterflies are also known as the Captain Cooks butterfly, as they were sighted on Cook's voyage when he discovered the east coast of Australia.

The track is relatively easy for walkers. There are some steep steps down to small log bridges which cross over gullies and lead to vantage points overlooking Round Hill Creek and Bustard Bay.

The track leads to the 1770 headland car park where walkers can continue on existing tracks to the viewing platform overlooking Bustard Bay.